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Community Contribution Challenge - Holiday Edition

One of our core values is Community. As a part of living this value, we are actively involved in the community. Whether it is public service campaigns promoting safety or giving scholarships to local Community College students, we always strive to find new ways to help our neighbors. This holiday season, we have decided to try something new! We are asking you who you think deserves a helping hand this holiday season. 

You can suggest a charity, special project, or individual/family who you think needs a little extra help. The amount of the gift will be dependent on the suggestion and our ability to help. If your suggestion is chosen, you will also receive a $25 gas card.   

Please email your suggestions to us at CTCares@CountryTruck.net. Please submit your suggestions by midnight on December 15th, 2017.

Congrats to this Year’s Scholarship Recipients!

Each year Country Truck & Auto awards 5 scholarships to high school seniors. There are four $500 awards and one $1,000 award. What makes our program unique is that the awards are given to students who plan on attending a Vocational/Trade School or Community/Junior College. There are fewer scholarship options available for these students and often, they are in more financial need. Many top high school students opt for two-year programs, because the cost of attending a 4-year school is too much for them and their families to afford.

To be eligible, students must be high school seniors and/or be edible to graduate at the end of the current school year. They may attend any public, private, parochial high school; be home schooled; or be attending an accredited high school online. They must also be enrolled in their first year of post-secondary education at an accredited community/junior college or vocational/trade school.

Students are chosen based on their community involvement, work experience, and a letter of recommendation. They must also have a minimum GPA of 2.0. For more information about the scholarship program, contact Rhonda Whistance via email at RhondaW@CountryTruck.net or by phone at (303)857-1281.


2017 County Truck & Auto Scholarship Recipients

$1,000 Recipient:

Shawn Chacon – Valley High School

Shawn is enrolled in the Associates of Applied Sciences Automotive Program at AIMS Community College. He has a strong passion for automotive technology and plans to make it his career. He hopes that by learning how to repair automobiles, he will be able to finally provide his family with a reliable vehicle. His hope is to be able to ensure that automotive repair is accessible to everyone who needs it, regardless of income. He has a cumulative GPA of 3.645 and plays for the Valley High School Baseball Team. He works summers for Weld County School District RE-1 in the Buildings and Grounds Department. In his spare time, he is also involved in CSU Talent Search and is the Manager of the Softball Team.


$500 Recipients:

Bailee Hatch – Platte Valley High School

Bailee is enrolled at Garden City Community College, with plans to transfer to Kansas State University. She is studying Pre-Veterinarian Medicine and has already attended classes at AIMS Community College and the University of Northern Colorado while still in high school. Her cumulative GPA is 3.77 and she is heavily involved in the community and extra-curricular activities, including 4-H, National Honor Society, and Spanish Club.  

Neal Ditson – Platte Valley High School

Neal is enrolled at WyoTech, where he plans on completing their Diesel Technician and Advanced Diesel Technologies Programs. While at Platte Valley High School, he has played both football and wrestling. He maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.75. He is also involved with his local FFA chapter and Lyons Club. He has worked at Hunter Ridge Dairy and the Northern Priming & Pre-Station while attending school.

Kellie Buchholz – Weld Central High School

Kellie is enrolled at AIMS Community College, with plans to transfer to the University of Northern Colorado. She wants to study Special Education and still finish in 4 years, graduating by 2021. She has a cumulative GPA of 3.5. While at Weld Central High School, she has participated in cheerleading for all four years and was selected to be Senior Cheer Captain this year.

Cesar Mercado – Valley High School

Cesar is enrolled in the Associates of Applied Sciences Automotive Program at AIMS Community College. He is passionate about helping his community. He wants to open his own automotive business when he finishes his program. He plays for the Valley High School Baseball Team. He works at McDonalds and for Weld Count School District RE-1 during the summers. He is also interested in construction and drafting.

County Truck & Auto Launches "BUCKLE UP!" Campaign

The importance of wearing a seat belt is not a new idea. However, many people do not wear seat belts, especially in rural areas (according to CDOT). The problem is especially common in Colorado, where approximately 17.6% of drivers regularly do not wear a seat belt (according to NHTSA).

In light of several traffic accidents in the local area where the passengers were not wearing their seat belt, Country Truck & Auto owner, Rhonda Whistance, decided to create a safety awareness campaign that will bring attention to the importance of wearing a seat belt. Her approach is new, however. She has created window stickers that will go on the inside of the windshield to remind drivers to buckle up. The variety of themes from bold and graphic, to humorous, to heartfelt, are meant to get the driver's attention and underscore the importance of buckling up. 

Rhonda and other members of the Country Truck & Auto Team will speak at local schools and community groups about the importance of wearing your seat belt 100% of the time. If you would like someone to speak to your school or group, please call the office at (303)857-1281.