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Fun Automotive Facts

For fun, on this blog we are bringing you some fun and bizarre car facts that you may not have known!

  1. The world’s first speeding ticket was issued in 1902.  The vehicle was traveling at 12 mph.
  2. The man that invented cruise control was blind. Ralph Teetor in 1948 out of frustration of riding in a car driven by his lawyer who kept speeding up and slowing down as talked.
  3. There were 268.8 million vehicles in US in 2016.  Last count of worldwide cars on the road was 1.2 billion in 2014.
  4. The 1st drive-in gas station opened in Pittsburgh PA in 1913. The station offered free water and air and was staffed 24 hours a day.
  5. The Ford F-series nameplate has appeared on more vehicles than any other with more than 29.3 million F-series trucks having been produced. 
  6. The average car has 30,000 parts.
  7. The average US Commuter spends about 42 hours a year stuck in traffic.
  8. It is a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car in Russia.
  9. 95% of a car’s lifetime is spent parked
  10. In 1900, 40% of American Cars were powered by steam, 38% by electricity and 22% by gasoline.
  11. The top speed at the world’s first automobile race was 15mph in 1895
  12. 20% of all American meals are eaten in the car

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Could soy be the next best thing for tires?

When you think of soy, I bet you think of Asian cuisine, salad filler or milk. However, you should be thinking of tires!

For about the past 5 years, Goodyear has been researching using soy bean oil in its tires. In 2012, they announced that they were beginning to investigate practical applications for soy bean oil in tires. Research had shown that soybean oil-based tire tread lasts 10% longer than its traditional counterpart. Also, that it blends better during the manufacturing process, which Goodyear thought would improve tire plant efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Flash forward to 2017, they are now ready for the tires to hit the road en masse. Their subsequent tests have shown that their initial hypotheses in 2012 were correct. A Goodyear team of scientists and engineers created a tread compound/formulation using soybean oil, which is helping Goodyear enhance tire performance in dry, wet and winter conditions. According to their recent press release, “Goodyear found a new way to help keep the rubber compound pliable in changing temperatures, a key performance achievement in maintaining and enhancing the vehicle’s grip on the road surface.”

They chose soy because it is naturally derived, cost-effective, carbon-neutral and renewable. Up until 2012, there were no synthetic alternatives to natural rubber. The rubber trade is dominated by Asian imports and many in the industry thought it was time to find alternatives to break away from the Asian market dominance, as supplies are shrinking and prices increasing.

Eric Mizner, Goodyear’s Director of Global Materials Science indicated that this was not the end of their quest to find new ways to improve upon their tires, but rather just the beginning. “Goodyear’s legacy of innovation drives us to continue to apply new technology solutions, developing superior performing tires that meet consumer demands,” he was quoted as saying in the press release.

For more information, visit Goodyear’s Corporate Website.

Written by:

Beckie Bean

Digital Content Manager

October 20, 2017

Sources: Smithsonian Magazine, Goodyear Press Release

All rights reserved. © 2017

3 Steps to Protect Your Data

In the age of big data breaches, you are probably keeping your personal data secure. Right? Well there may be one area that you may have overlooked. Your vehicle! If your phone is linked to your vehicle, your personal data is in its on-board computer.

Your vehicle is now a hub of all the data from your paired devices and it’s all stored on the hard drive of your on-board computer. If someone physically got a hold of that unit, they can extract the data from it. Recently, we took in a vehicle on trade and found that the former owner had left all his contact information from his phone in the computer of the vehicle. Beyond your contacts, your vehicle may be recording a lot more than you realize! It can record your contacts, your location history, your text messages, and web browsing history.

How can you protect your data? If you follow these 3 steps, you will ensure that the next owner of your vehicle does not get your sensitive information too!

  1. Delete your data! Consult your owner’s manual to see how to do this. Don’t have the manual? Most automakers have them online now!
  2. Check your permissions: Ensure the settings on your infotainment system only allow access to your phone’s music/videos.
  3. Don’t plug your phone in the USB Port to charge! If you don’t need to link your phone, don’t plug it into the built in USB port to charge. Often, your vehicle will automatically pull the data off of your phone if you do this. Instead, use a cigarette adapter to charge your phone the old school way. 

What are we doing to protect you?

If you trade in your vehicle with us at Country Truck & Auto, we will ensure all of your data is deleted before we resell it. If you have more questions on this process, please call our Service Manager at (303)990-7050. If you have other questions related to trading in a vehicle, please call our Sales Manager at (303)857-1281.


Written by:

Beckie Bean

Digital Content Manager

September 23, 2017

Sources: Federal Trade Commission, Fortune, ZDNet

All rights reserved. © 2017

Dispatches from the Denver Auto Show 2017

As you can imagine, when the Denver Auto Show is going, we’re there! This auto show is specifically designed to highlight new cars, trucks and SUVs that are from the latest model year. It is like a little sneak peak of what you can expect to find on our lot in the future. What makes the Denver Auto Show unique is that it is the premier showcase for domestic automakers. As we carry mostly RAM (Dodge), Chevrolet, Ford and GMC trucks, those were where we spent most of our time. However, we also popped by the luxury car booths to see if any of them were up to the challenge of being Dirt Road Ready®.



We were most excited to check out the latest RAM offerings! Because they are “America’s longest-lasting pickups,” we carry more of these than any other maker. We want to make sure that our trucks are Dirt Road Ready® for years to come. Whether for work, play, or every day, one of the main complaints about a pickup is storage of smaller items. Sure, you can drop a load of lumber in the bed, no problem. But what happened to your tool box once you hit that roughly grooved dirt road? RAM was highlighting their RamBox® Cargo Management options at their booth. RamBox® allows you to store your smaller items in hidden compartments along your bed or underneath, leaving ample storage in your bed for larger items.


JD Power and Associates ranked the 2017 Chevy Silverado HD as the “Highest Ranked Large Heavy Duty Pickup in Initial Quality” and we can see why. Their focus has been on maximizing the Silverado’s torque numbers. With the available Duramax® 6.6-liter Turbo-Diesel V8, you can experience peak torque at 910 lb-ft! The Silverado also boasts a whopping 20,000 lbs of conventional towing capability. 




For 2017, Ford has taken their motto, Built Ford Tough®, to the next level. In their Super Duty pickups, they switched to using an all-new, military grade, aluminum alloy for the body. This drastically lowered the weight of the truck, allowing them to beef-up the strength of the chassis and frame, while lowering the overall weight of the truck by up to 350 pounds!



Are you in the market for a truck that does not make you the neighborhood pariah when you have to be at the job site by 6am everyday? Look no further than the 2017 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali! This year GMC has added some features that makes it the quietest idling Duramax® diesel on the market.




We could not resist going and drooling over the luxury cars and exotics. However, we were surprised to find that Mercedes has upped its game. Their new G-550 4x42 is the epitome of Dirt Road Ready®.  Its gear-driven portal axles and 22-inch wheels create over 17 inches of ground clearance. Also its dual spring-struts and 10 inches of added track ensure that you can conquer any off-road terrain you encounter. However, the luxury details in the cabin mean that you’ll arrive in style.

There is still time to check out the Denver Auto Show! It runs until 6:00 p.m. today. If you can’t make it, keep your eyes peeled. These beauties are already on the road! 


Written by:

Beckie Bean

Digital Content Manager

April 9, 2017

Source: Denver Auto Show

All rights reserved. © 2017


White Trucks Reign Supreme

If you have been to our lot recently, you may have noticed something a little different... or the same. We have brought in a large number of neutral colored trucks. As much fun as a red or blue truck is, a recent automotive color study shows that consumers in most of the world favor neutral colored vehicles. Axalta Coating Systems conducted a world-wide study of consumers and released their results in January. 


Regional Color Popularity:

  • Worldwide: White continues to reign supreme, with four of every 10 new vehicles sold being white.
  • North America: Gray is gaining popularity, rising 2% in popularity and lengthening its lead over other neutral shades like white and silver.
  • Asia: In China, more than half of vehicles sold are white. Japan prefers pearl white at 29% to solid white at 7%.
  • Europe: At 17%, gray is more popular here than any other region.
  • Russia: Beige is most popular, but only by a small margin of 8% of new vehicles sold.
  • Africa: Light colors are most favored here. Silver and white combined make up 63% of new vehicles sold
  • South America: Continuing in their cultural tradition of embracing bright colors, South America is the exception to the rule. Green is the most popular color there. 


So, If you are in the market for a crisp and classy looking white, gray, beige, or silver truck, you are in good company. Also, you will find just exactly what you're looking for at Country Truck & Auto. If by chance we don't have what you're looking for, we will find it for you!


Source: Parts & People

Snow Tires

Why do you need them?

All season/summer tires are designed to withstand the heat generated from the road. However, they are not necessarily well equipped to handle cold weather. They stiffen in cold weather, which means that the traction they provide diminishes. That coupled with icy, snowy, and/or slushy conditions can mean that you have little to no traction when driving.

Winter tires are designed to handle these challenges. They are made of a different type of rubber that remains flexible in the cold. Further, their tread patterns are designed to provide extra traction. The treads are deeper and have increased slots and sipes. Sipes are small slits in the tire that act like teeth – biting the ice as you drive.

Where do you mount them?

There are several schools of thought on this topic. Tire manufacturers want you to get a full set of snow tires. They say that this is the best option for traction and control. However, this can get expensive. Beyond the cost of 4 tires, there are other cost considerations. If you just want the tires to be installed on your vehicle, then you need to pay a technician to mount and balance them (or do it yourself).

Some people, especially do-it-yourselfers, like to just have an extra set of wheels with the winter tires already attached to save time and make the transition easier. However, if you need to have a shop switch the wheels for you, they will want you to have tire pressure monitoring sensors in your extra wheels to comply with national tire industry guidelines. So, this ends up being the most expensive option, because you have to pay for 4 tires, 4 wheels, and 4 pressure sensors + labor.

A cost-effective approach is to only get two snow tires, but that begins the debate of where to mount them on the car. According to our Service Manager, David Robinson, traction tires should go on the drive axle, so that means if your car is front-wheel-drive, they would go on the front. The wheels where the power comes from are where you need the added traction control.

However, most tire shops will not mount them this way. They maintain that traction tires should go on the back. Their reasoning is that many drivers have a hard time with overcoming understeer in a slide/hydroplaning situation. They are not willing to risk the liability of you getting into an accident, because you cannot drive in adverse conditions.  


Written by:

Beckie Bean

Digital Content Coordinator at Country Truck & Auto

December 2, 2016

Sources: Bridgestone, Consumer Reports

All rights reserved. © 2016

Chevy Debuts Silverado 2500HD Carhartt Concept

November 1st marks the start of the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas. Many automakers will be unveiling their latest and greatest concept cars and trucks for the next few model years. We at Country Truck & Auto are most excited about the new Silverado 2500 HD Carhartt concept truck. The workwear maker is the perfect partner for a heavy duty pickup truck.

The Silverado is powered by Chevrolet’s new L5P Duramax 6.6 Liter V8 Turbodiesel, which produces 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque. To assist with the practical needs of a HD driver, the truck also has trailer tow mirrors with an integrated back-up camera system. The bed is tailor made to for the needs of a HD driver. The bed-mounted toolbox also has a swing-out tool chest and the bed itself features electrical outlets and a 20” LED lightbar. In the cab, the Carhartt logo is laser-etched into the headrests and the truck’s interior is trimmed with the signature brown material that Carhartt is known for. The truck also features antiqued nickel finished trim in the doors, center console and instrument panel. 

While it is still in the concept phase, we cannot wait for it to be rolled out to the public! More details CLICK HERE


Written by:

Beckie Bean

Digital Content Coordinator at Country Truck & Auto

October 31, 2016

All rights reserved. © 2016

Post-Its to Change the Color of Dashboard Lights

Not every life hack is as genius as it may seem on the surface. Avid Reddit and Pinterest users have probably seen the picture from POPSUGAR Tech (originally by Redditer, oPHILcial) showing a dashboard display meticulously colored using Post-It Notes. However, this is a potentially dangerous idea that should not be attempted!

What’s the big deal?

Post-Its are not designed to be used in this way. They have intentionally weak adhesive on them, because they are meant to be EASILY REMOVABLE. That means, once the adhesive dries or is heated, the notes will become unstuck. Once that happens, the paper will make direct contact with the bulb inside your dashboard. As any budding pyro knows, bulbs heat up the longer they’re on and can start fires. In this case, the fire will be inside your dashboard… near the vehicle’s ignition and electronics.

We at Country Truck & Auto do not recommend that you attempt to modify your dashboard lights. If you do it incorrectly, you can risk extensive damage to your vehicle and/or can render it inoperable. The cost to repair a dashboard is fairly substantial. To replace a new dashboard, the cost starts at approximately $900 and then goes up from there depending on the level of damage and the type of vehicle.

There’s a Better way!

However, there are some die-hard DIYers out there who will still try to modify their dashboard, regardless of the risk. If you are one of those people, there is a better way to do this besides using Post-Its! Dashboards have been modifiable for a long time. There are several safer ways to go about doing this. The way you should go with your car could be a little different, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual prior to doing any work on customizing your dashboard.

There are caps available that can color the bulbs on older model cars, if you want to just change the color. Another option is to pop out the old bulbs and replace them with colored LED bulbs. CLICK HERE to see a How-To video on this process made by a fellow Auto DIY Enthusiast. If you have a newer car, the LEDs may be soldered to a board behind your dash display. Don’t lose heart! You can CLICK HEREto see a video that includes soldering instructions. It is always best to do things the right way, the first time around.


Written by:

Beckie Bean

Digital Content Coordinator at Country Truck & Auto

October 27, 2016

Sources: Original Reddit Post, POPSUGAR

All rights reserved. © 2016